Aluminum gravity die casting

We at GSTech Bulgaria Ltd. produce gas-tight castings weighing up to 30 kg.

Aluminum high pressure die casting

With high pressure die-casting machines of up to 2 t, we can produce die-cast parts in large dimensions with a stitch weight of up to 20 kg.

Aluminum welding

We specialize in welding aluminum. Both pure sheet metal binding and casting + sheet metal processing are possible. Also pressurized upon request.

CNC processing

With our modern machinery, we produce our cast and welded parts qualitatively and extremely economically. The level of automation is consistently increased. We are able to process castings 24/7 fully automated.

  • Dimensions diameter: Up to 1000 mm and up to length 1500 mm
  • Milling dimensions: 3000x1500x1500mm

Test procedure


Our testing services include:

  • Hardness testing: We use modern techniques for hardness testing. Chemical material analysis: Detailed material analyzes for your specific requirements. Tensile testing: testing the mechanical properties of your products.
  • Chemical Material Analysis: Detailed material analyzes for 3.1B certificates.
  • Helium leak testing: We offer both fully automated helium leak testing for products up to 100 kg and manual helium leak testing for larger products up to 1000 kg.
  • Tensile test Pressure testing: Our pressure tests up to 150 bar ensure the safety and reliability of your products under various pressure conditions.


At GSTech we attach great importance to quality and precision. Our modern testing procedures and highly qualified experts ensure that your products meet the most stringent requirements

Quality management

Quality is the foundation on which GSTech Bulgaria Ltd. builds its processes and products. Our commitment to unsurpassed quality and safety is reinforced by our extensive certifications and qualified professional staff. We are proud of our key approvals and certifications:

  • EN ISO 9001:2015: Our EN ISO 9001:2015 certification is evidence of our commitment to quality and the continuous optimization of our processes.

Our teams are made up of specialists who have extensive training and in-depth experience in their respective areas. This expertise is crucial for the quality and reliability of our products and services.